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  • Read for Africa’s upcoming courses and events in 3 cities
  • Psych Assess discussion groups
  • Where in Africa is Phono-Graphix going?
  • Read for Africa on-line (free membership for 3 readers)
  • Be a Buddy Reader and find 70 minutes to help children learn to read in Diepsloot

1Phono-Graphix Certification courses in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town in July and August 2015.

Attend a course and work towards a certification as an Independent Phono-Graphix Reading Therapist from R 1 750 per person.
Earn 11 CPD points (HPCSA)


Weekend Saturday 25 July (full day) and Saturday 1 August (half day)
At the German School in Parktown
Next Course scheduled for final term
Saturday 7 and Saturday 14 November 2015
Mid-week Next Mid-week course is scheduled for Wednesdays
11, 8, 25 November 2015 (3 mornings over 3 weeks)
8:30am to 12:30pm in Bordeaux, Randburg
Durban North Saturday 15 August (full day) and Sunday 16 August (half day)
At ICAN in Durban North
Cape Town Saturday 22 August (full day) and Sunday 23 August (half day)
At Vista Nova School in Rondebosch

Please share the information with any interested friends or colleagues.  If you live in other areas, chat to us about getting a group together and having us give the training in your home town or city!


If you are a teacher at one of our member schools
, please share the dates with any new teachers or colleagues who have not attended the course. Member schools have special arrangements with Read For Africa and attend these courses at no charge or at subsidised rates. Anyone who has attended this course previously is welcome to attend the course again as a refresher.

If you missed the second half of the course previously or you attended a 1 day course at your school, you are welcome to attend a scheduled ½ day course at no charge. Our next ½ day assessment workshop is on Wednesday 15 July at Pscyh Assess in Bordeaux , Randburg from 8:30am to 12:30pm or on Saturday 1 August from 9am to 1pm at the German School in Parktown, Johannesburg. This workshop doubles up as a good refresher especially for those currently doing their internship or wanting to re-enter the process. (There may be a small fee charged for the internship if it was not completed in the allocated time.

2PsychAssess runs a small meeting group for professionals.  

Many of these topics are relevant to parents and teachers and other therapist. You are welcome to attend any of the meetings that you feel are relevant at R200 per meeting (or R450 for 3 meetings over a 12 month period). HPCSA professionals can earn 2 CPD points for each meeting
(4 points for ethics topics).

The meetings usually run from 9am to 11am, one Tuesday a month.  

The next meeting is taking place in Bordeaux, Randburg on

  • Tuesday 21 July     Sensory Integration
  • Tuesday 25 Aug    Reading and Spelling Assessments
  • Tuesday 22 Sept    Starting & Running a Private Practice - med/psych/ed professional or reading therapist
  • Tuesday 20 Oct           The ethics around assessment - working with small children & adolescents
  • Tuesday 24 Nov       Career Counselling - integrating information from a variety of sources + case studies

Please email if you have any queries or would like to book.

For School Readiness, IQ, Learning Difficulties or Career related assessments, you can contact

Read For Africa and Psych Assess will be hosting another mini-conference at the German School on Saturday 17 October.

We will run our Afrikaans workshop as well as show you how you can take Phono-Graphix from Sound to Symbol to Meaning for those of you who have already been trained in Phono-Graphix. This course makes links to comprehension, logical reasoning vocabulary enrichment and extending buddy reading and buddy writing in to all learning areas.  

There will also be an opportunity for teachers, parents and professionals to be exposed to Phono-Graphix for the first time.  The full programme to follow!

Where in Africa has Phono-Graphix been lately and who has been chatting to us about teaching Africa to read?

From Borneo to Nigeria, Togo, Cape Town, Durban to The French and German Schools in Johannesburg onto Diepsloot inbetween putting on quite a show at the Market Theatre, in Newtown!

There is a teacher travelling to SA from Borneo, Asia on route to Nigeria this month. She has been working in Borneo and is moving to Nigeria. She will be doing the course in Johannesburg on 25 July. It will be great to have another Phono-Graphix representative in Nigeria!

It was incredibly exciting to meet a parent from Lomé - the capital of the African country TOGO. Her father runs a school in Togo! Always exciting to share the vision and have a real opportunity to "Find one of our 70" in a new African country. We had to look hard for the tiny puzzle piece that fits between Benin and Ghana in the puzzle. Incredible to watch more of the puzzle come together.


Where in Africa is Togo?

Read For Africa implemented the Whole School Approach at Ningizimu Special Needs school in Durban last month! Over 40 teachers and the speech and occupational therapists received training in Phono-Graphix. We worked with all age groups. The project was organised by Ali Smeeton and Employability. The intention is to get the school leavers with disabilities to improve their reading skills before leaving school in order to gain access to learnership and employment opportunities.

5 6 7
8 9 10
Teacher Jabu Teacher Thandi

Teachers at Ningizimu working with some of the middle level and senior learners.

Several teachers have entered into the internship process and will be supported by Read For Africa as well as ICAN facilitators, Fundiswa Mkhize and Daphney Mcunu, who have recently received their certification as Phono-Graphix Reading Therapists.


Jenny, Ali, Fundi and Daphney

No one says I can quite like Ali Smeeton CAN @ I Can!

The show goes on at the Market Theatre in Newtown

Samson, who used to attend our ABET programme at WITS now receives private lessons from our reading therapist Shirley Davison on a weekly basis. We visited him and Shirley in his work place at the theatre a few weeks ago. It’s great to see the wonderful progress that he is making! Thank you to Thuli Mbuli and Siwe Hashe who motivated this programme and for the support they give him at work.

12Samson and Shirley

FREE Membership to Read For Africa Online for 3 readers

We have launched READ FOR AFRICA ONLINE and if you are not already a member you can register for R150 per person per year (or part thereof) at

If you are a teacher or parent at one of our current member schools – there is no charge to gain access to this Member Area and you can also register at this link.

1If you are a certified Reading Therapist, your membership will include a listing on the site as an Accredited Phono-Graphix Reading Therapist. You will be issued with an accreditation number, an updated electronic version of your certificate and the use of the endorsement logo to put on your advertising materials. Go to to see how your details would appear on the site.

The first 3 people to respond to this conundrum below correctly will receive free membership to Read For Africa online until March 2016.

You need to “phonographically” code at least one of the words below (i.e. underline each sound in each word and tell us which English sound the [ou]; [gh], or [ough] represents in that word).

The first one has been done for you.  e.g.     th  r  ough     [ough] = the “oo” sound as in room.  See if you can code one of the other words . Email to by Mon 13 July 2015.

13Those of us who know Phono-Graphix can at least agree that English is consistently weird, but totally manageable!

THANK YOU to Reading Therapists, Interns and others who have offered to be part of the “Buddy Reader” programme and “Find your 70” (in the way of 70 minutes) in Diepsloot.

We still NEED more HELP to teach a group of Grade 5 learners in Diepsloot to read before the end of the year … this is an appeal for any of you in the Johannesburg area to “Find your 70”  … in the way of 70 minutes, each week (government school terms) and contribute to teaching Africa to read as part of our “Finding your 70” campaign. We run a literacy programme on Tuesdays from 1 pm to 2:10 pm at a school north of Fourways (literally 7.7 kilometres from the Indaba Hotel and 2 minutes off the extension of William Nicol Drive).  

This is the only time that the programme can run due to time table and transport constraints. We realise that this is an awkward time for parents and teachers, but perhaps 3-term school can get a group of teachers/parents to consider assisting during the August holidays?

On this note, we’ve realised why European schools have such a long Summer Holiday  …. So that the English department at the French School in Johannesburg can join our Diepsloot programme every Tuesday in their holiday to help us provide a more effective service to the Grade 5 kids we work with …. Thank you to Katherine Reyes, Jade du Preez and Linda Cloarec who will be spending some holiday time in Diepsloot over July and August!

14The group of Grade 5’s that we work with are at varying ability levels and whilst we’re making good progress, these children could really benefit more if they worked with a volunteer/intern or reading therapist in a small group or one to one setting. This is a great opportunity for you to gain more experience if you are already a reading therapist, if you’re doing your internship or will be doing it in the near future or if you are interested in literacy and would like to learn more about the programme whilst volunteering.

We will provide on-site Phono-Graphix Buddy Reader training for anyone who is interested in volunteering.

Please Get in touch with us
Email us at if you would like to be a buddy and get involved in any of our programmes, or require more information.  

Visit us at

Like our Facebook at or join our group at

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