Fees and feeback

Initial assessment


This assessment usually takes one hour. If your child is 6 years or younger, the session may only take 30 minutes. The fee would be reduced to R380 in this case.

Call Read For Africa to book the initial assessment


Reading Therapy R 350.00 per 50min session
(reduced to R325 if 4 sessions are paid for in advance, i.e. R1 300 in a 4-week month)


R 200.00 per 30 min session
30 minute sessions recommended for children 6 years & younger


Group Sessions


Enquire about our group classes at reduced rates per person

Duration of the Programme

Each child has unique needs/difficulties, and the success rate is dependent on the home support that your child receives when completing homework tasks.

Research and experience has indicated that most children, including those with learning difficulties have reached grade level reading within 12 to 18 clinical sessions.

Reading and spelling are taught concurrently, however, the development of spelling skills is a longer process.

How the Students have Responed

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