Internship Process

Everyone who attends this workshop is invited to participate in a voluntary internship programme to be conducted independently with a learner identified by the intern. This is a 12 week process where all trainees need to teach reading to one child (or adult) for 1-hour on a weekly basis. This internship ensures that trainees put the theoretical aspects of the method into practice under the supervision of trained reading therapists and have the experience of teaching a child or adult how to read in the process.


This internship process consists of 12 weekly practical sessions (1 hour per session), conducted over a 3-month period where interns teach individual learners to read and spell using the Phono-Graphix Reading Method.


  • Feedback Meetings and On-going Support

Read for Africa offers on-going support telephonically, via email.


  • Recognition

All trainees who successfully complete 12–hours (over 12 weeks) of community service will become certified Phono-Graphix Reading Therapists. A certificate and reference letter will be issued from Read for Africa stating that you have demonstrated an understanding of reading and spelling instruction and have taught a person to read or improve their reading/spelling.