Phono-Graphix Certification Course

Read For Africa offers individual teachers, parents, therapists, volunteers and others the opportunity to learn how to teach reading and spelling using the Phono-Graphix Reading method whilst working towards certification as a Phono-Graphix Reading Therapist.



Phono-Graphix is a straightforward reading and spelling method that was developed by Carmen and Geoffrey Mc Guinness at Read America in Orlando Florida in 1993.



  • Overview of Theory in Phonetic Instruction
  • Teaching Reading and Spelling
  • Basic Code Reading and Spelling
  • Advanced Code Reading and Spelling
  • Multi-syllable Reading and Spelling
  • Presentation of lessons for teaching reading and spelling at varying levels
  • Lecture, demonstration and practicals
  • How to be a “buddy reader” and maximise reading time with learners to improve fluency as well as ones visual memory and therefore spelling.
  • Assessment of Reading and Spelling Skills – brief overview


  • Internship Preparation - how to get started with teaching reading and spelling, what to expect over the 12-weeks





  • How to assess a learner.
  • Discussion of standardised reading tests and error pattern analysis
  • Question and Answer Session on practical application since Day 1 of the course
  • Internship Progress


Internship Progress

  • Record of Sessions discussed
  • Assignment discussed
  • Question and Answer Session on Practical experience to date
  • Practical Examples and Error Corrections


This course will enhance your understanding of:

The development of reading skills

  • How to assess reading and spelling ability qualitatively and quantitatively
  • How to teach a new reader all the foundation skills needed to be a successful reader and speller
  • How to plan a remediation program and how to implement a remediation program for reading and spelling difficulties



PRESENTER: Jenny Taylor:

B Phys Ed – Wits University; MEd – Wits University; Phono-Graphix Reading Therapist and Trainer


Jenny Taylor was trained by the developers of Phono-Graphix in the United Kingdom in 1999.

She established Read For Africa in 2000 as the vehicle to bring the Phono-Graphix reading method to South Africa. She has trained over 3000 teachers, parents and other therapists in the method and has taught thousands of children and adults to read.

She has worked with people with learning and intellectual disabilities through her involvement with Special Olympics, the Hamlet Adult Centre and the Sparrow Assisted Learning Centre. Her MEd research report, for which she was awarded a distinction, focused on Phono-Graphix in the South African context. She works with children and adults with learning difficulties as well as professional people who want to improve their spelling skills. Read For Africa has been involved in Adult Education and Learnership programmes where Phono-Graphix is applied to all curriculum areas. Jenny received an outstanding achievement award for her contribution to the development and upliftment of people with disabilities. She has recently returned from the USA where she attended a Teacher Retreat with the developers of Phono-Graphix in Orlando Florida.


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