Private Remedial Reading and Spelling lessons offered in an area near you

Phono-Graphix reading therapists operate all over Johannesburg, contact our offices to find out where the nearest therapist is to you. Read For Africa teaches reading and spelling using the Phono-Graphix Reading method. Reading and Spelling skills are taught at the same time which saves time and money.

Phono-Graphix™ is a straightforward reading method, which was developed by Carmen and Geoffrey Mc Guinness in 1993, at the Read America clinic. It takes the sounds of the English language – and teaches the various sound-pictures (letters) that represent those sounds in careful stages.

Phono-Graphix reading therapists operate all over the world. If you are relocating, Read For Africa can assist your child in reading at the appropriate level for his/her grade and age in the country to which you are relocating. Go to to see how global the Phono-Graphix Reading method is.