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READ FOR AFRICA provides services in the following areas of assessment and development of reading skills at both a school and tertiary level.

Phono-Graphix Certification Courses

  • 1.5 day course.
  • for individual teachers, parents, psychometrists, speech and other therapists / professionals interested in the assessment and development of literacy skills.
  • Become an “Independent Phono-Graphix Reading Therapist” and teach reading and spelling

Introduction to taking Phono-Graphix from Sound to Symbol to meaning

  • 3 hour workshop on extending Phono-Graphix lesson to enrich vocabulary, logical reasoning and comprehension activities to make learners more “language wise”.

Whole School Approach to teaching reading

  • Your entire staff can be trained in the method from as little as R15 000 irrespective of the number of staff members.
  • A Phono-Graphix reading and spelling programme can be customised for your school so that all teachers, remedial therapists and support staff are on the same page.
  • Training is done on site and follow up demonstration and feedback sessions are also included.

Reading and Spelling Therapy

  • The assessment and development of reading and spelling skills.

Afrikaans Programme also available

  • Read For Africa offers workshops in Afrikaans as well as private reading lessons in some areas.

Adult Education

  • ABETter Solution is provided through our World of Work (Wow) Programme
  • ABET level one often assumes that learners and read and write. The World of Work programme focuses on teaching adults to read and spell from Pre—ABET to NQF Level 1 where the focus is on integrating the basic skills of reading and writing using real life and work related examples such as reading pay slips, writing letters, filling out forms.
  • Courses on how to teaching reading and spelling are offered to ABET practitioners.