Advanced Workshops. Using Phono-Graphix to take you from Sound to Symbol to Meaning

This workshop is available to anyone who has attended a Phono-Graphix course previously and would like to take Phono-Graphix to the next level. Whether you are an Accredited Phono-Graphix Reading Therapist, trained in the method several years ago or are a current intern, this course will benefit you.

If you are already an Accredited Phono-Graphix Reading Therapist, you can apply for your "Advanced" Accreditation after this workshop.






Attention all Phono-Graphix Reading Therapists, previously

trained individuals, and current interns:



Sound to Symbol to Meaning:  Advanced Phono-Graphix Workshop





Are you ready to take the next step in Phono-Graphix?

You’ve attended a Phono-Graphix course and now you would like to  learn how one can take Phono-Graphix from Sound-to-Symbol-to Meaning


You’re in the process of completing your internship and you would like to consolidate certain concepts and terms


You’ve been using Phono-Graphix for years and would like to have a refresher and see how you can extend your learners by making links to logical reasoning, verbal intelligence, vocabulary enrichment and comprehension skills.


Fee: R200 per person  (no charge if you are a teacher at one of our member schools) 

Fee reduced to R150 per person if you are a member of RFA online or a are a current intern

Who Should Attend?          

Anyone who has attended a Phono-Graphix course previously.

This will serve as a refresher to people who may have done a course several years ago as well as people who have been trained recently and would like to explore things more deeply.  

The advanced course in English will demonstrate how Phono-Graphix can take students from “Sound to Symbol to Meaning”. This course makes links to comprehension, logical reasoning vocabulary enrichment and extending buddy reading and buddy writing in to all learning areas.  

Find out how Read For Africa has been helping learners of all grades including matric and university students to improve their grades across all curriculum areas through these activities. 

Whether your learners are comparing cats and dogs in Grade 1 OR vertebrates with invertebrates in Grade 5 Natural Science (CAPS/IEB) OR various political views in the Cambridge Matric History curriculum – this workshop will take you to the next level and show you how you can maximise teachable moments all day every day! 

Extension activities and templates will be provided on the day.

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Note:  If you are already an Accredited Independent Phono-Graphix Reading Therapist and your

membership is current, you will be able to apply to Read for Africa to become an

"Advanced" Phono-Graphix Reading Therapist and give a “free” talk on the Phono-

Graphix Reading  method after attending this workshop. On successful completion of your

application including a signed agreement with RFA, the addiitonal fee of R500, a PowerPoint

template will be sent to  you so that you can give a free talk to colleagues and / parents on the

basic principles behind the method.